SASSY’S (A goes to a strip club)

without getting into too much detail about my saturday night back in portland – it was out of a postcard …  i went to a gay-club-night party that i predicted would be all lesbian and it was, not to mention they played bad lesbian music (like shoop and montel jordan’s ‘this is how we do it’) and played dirty dancing on the big screen, i guess the MJ craze is over and now its patrick swayze.  anyways, i ended up going with some folks to the bar across the street, sassy’s.. a regular ol strip club… that was fun for  a while — but i kinda forgot the rules (you know in some states when the ladies wear panties, thats where you put the money right? but in this state, they take it all off), well while one girl still had on panties, i thought it was ok to put the dollar there and when i did, in a FLASH, she called something out and pointed at me and i was abruptly lifted from my chair and thrown and carried out the back door.  i didn’t even pull the gay card, just had a cigarette and waited for my friends.  later headed home, the cab driver is having a huge laugh over my story and i say, “well i just forgot the details of the rules” and he said “if you ever have trouble remembering, just think that if there is both vagina and alcohol in the room, NO TOUCHING.”     true story.

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