All turned around in Oakland, CA (By Alexander)

suzy, for so many who don’t know us and for even how little we sometimes know each other, i can’t sometimes comprehend the way that you and i, specifically, live our lives.  east coast/west coast/europe/other.. we’re just so all over, i don’t know why we aren’t actually writing more and more about travel and airports.

this trip was portland>philly>bethlehem>philly>chicago>oakland>portland.   well that is if i make it to portland.   the flight via chicago got to oakland super early, leaving me nearly 3 hour window to the short flight up to portland.  i am so so so so so so so tempted to skip out and head into SF and find all my loves there.  but i’m a little burnt out from the weekend/week/entire summer that i’m pretty eager to be in my house with my cat and friends and garden.  but i’m in a small lull, probably happy too, beacause this final return to portland is FINALLY the FINAL one… jeez!  and of course it’s now… it’s just that this entire summer since the move to portland was filled with events and this wedding in PA was the last and so there is nothing left but to settle in for real, get a job for real, and make my life for real.   that is, until more stuff starts to happen!  (and i believe i have an early nov wknd in SF trip planned, anyway)  the holidays seem meaningless to me right now after all this travel and stuff, i hope to be working for time and a half come thanksgiving day, new years day, etc!    you understand.

last night i was 3000 miles from here in my favorite bar in philadelphia with you and so many people i love.  and wasn’t the quick whirl through manayunk so fun?   aww, dawsons pub would be my corner hang out too if i had it.  after you left so did the boys and me and jill sat there after closing watching tv and laughing and be exciting we got to be in a locked down bar drinking there.  and after jon with the stolen hipster art, i got feeling very clepto myself and stole a cool pint glass.  jill thinks the owner saw it happen too, but, eh.  when your from out of town you kinda dont give a shit.

i liked meeting nate as the milkman… more questions arise over life in a costume.  but i’m sure there will be a whole trend and reality show on it in due time.

i think i mentioned this book ages ago, but it was big and daunting and i finally opened it.  very good.

WhattoEatthe author is great (she will be at the DC and the SF green fest in nov)…   its alot of things i knew, but more more details and great info on the layout of grocery stores and food politics and fish and meat and organic and everything you want to know… 

i forgot food today and REFUSED to buy anything, it was all 10 bucks+ for something with bad meat or a salad not worth it, etc etc.  well i did buy chex mix.  oh well.  not in oakland, thank god there is a subway and i can have a pile of veggies on wheat bread for $4.  amazing.  i hate chains but someone should lobby to put subway in all airports for this reason….

so now i’m going to eat that and read the rest of the book and write loads more later.   and send pictures from the wedding and abbaye and my garden that i can’t wait to roll around in!

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