from rafting on white rapids in WV to drinking at the abbaye in philly (suzyyyy)

took an insane car trip home from rafting all through a bunch of state forests in west virginia. it took a few hours longer, but was really pretty and much better than the ride in on all the highways. made it to DC moments before my bus took off, drank red wine from a juice box (they sell these at target!! boxed wine in little boxes! for the suburban winos? so you can bring it to your kids soccer game?), had fitful sleep on the busride to nyc, and… here i am.

home for a few hours, eating leftover indian fish curry for breakfast for some god knows why reason. wearing a dress that i will wear to philly today and tonight, to work tomorrow, and, to dinner after work tomorrow. must plan ahead. must always carry cash, mascara, and clean underware.

white water rafting was soooo fun. my brother stupidly brought his gf, who i did not know had a fear of water. that sucked bc i was very concerned for them, and she was miserable, but hopefully it was a good experience all in all. i loved it and want to do it again as soon as i can! i like being scared! its so fun when nature shows its force, and we just have to stop thinking and instead react to what it gives us.

and now that i have accomplished that, i will celebrate with beers with you at the abbaye!!!!<3

About suzyloves

i am flowers on the side of the road. 'yes' and 'joy' are important to me. i may not re-read what i write, and i never won a spelling bee, but i do hope you enjoy. the world is getting larger, and i fear our 'human-ness' is growing smaller. this is my attempt to connect. i do love you and i do miss you, so this is my hand reaching out so we can all be love <3
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