this is it…..  !!!  i love you suzy and i love you world.

its saturday at 10 pm and i dont know if i can sleep tonight (like xmas).

burning man starts tomorrow night. i have a 11 hour drive to do tomorrow, but with friends, multiple cars leaving portland, and we have walkie talkies…  will be fine.  im all packed.  stuff, glitter, dresses, short shorts, some food (not much cause who eats there?)… boxes of wine… 20 gallons of water, gatorade, tent, cigarettes, whiskey, glow sticks….  YAY!!!

i will miss blogging, but suzy will do it all for me!  ok..  this IS IT.


LOVE Lovelovelovelvoekvldovolvoeoeoevolllvllvlllvovelove

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