Loads of thoughts and news and notes (By Alexander)

Suzy!  Last Saturday, where were you?  Where were we… I guess walking Portland.   As you may have predicted, I did not do the Vancouver Pride trip – the plans started to sound just a wee complicated and I heard your voice in my head telling me I shouldn’t go if I felt this hesitant.   Either that or my mind just knew I needed to retract from the world just a bit after such a busy month.  So I have been sitting around the house, pleased, and reading/cooking/doing/cleaning more than I have been able to do in the greater part of the last month.  

So here’s a list of interesting stuff on my mind or elsewhere…..

I made really yummy gazpacho soup.  It was so fun to shop for produce and get excited over creating a food.  I forget how much I fucking love that part of life.

It turns out that crazy green jacket/coat I tried to explain to you having left here was not yours, actually Patrick’s halloween costume.  Go figure.

I kid you not when I tell you that last night I had a crazy dream that the group of us (somewhat like the past weekends -maybe different-  a group of fun friends nonetheless) were galavanting around, as we do, drinking and laughing and somehow it ALL ENDED UP at the White House, and we were drinking with Obama… and he was, like, LOADED and it was great. He was telling us stuff like what a pain in the ass his job is and can never relax.  And it all ended with some aide coming and taking him away and we were all really upset to know that he’d be confined somewhere until he sobered up and we would be the only folks in the world to see that great side of him.  Weird.

Do you have any details on this kid that sailed around the world?  I keep hearing about it but I want to know what ind of boat and supplies were involved?   Somehow it seems impossible to imagine unless I could at least see some footage or something.  I’m sure someone will make a movie.

The longest total solar eclipse of this century happened in asia this week.  Almost 7 minutes of darkness.  

PLASTIC.  I know we know all about this and hear it over and over… but WHY, STILL is it not be addressed to the masses?  I have to get into Public Health.  

           The chemical and plastics industries, of course, insist that phthalates pose no safety problem. But scientists who study phthalates say that more research is needed, and are advising family members and friends to avoid using plastic bottles and food containers. If they’re worried, why isn’t anyone else?  

I just read a story about an elderly couple in the UK who had bee married for over 50 years.  The wife was just diagnosed with a terminal cancer and they trekked together to Switzerland where they both put them selves down via a joint assisted suicide.  

Fact: 70% of Hollywood films depict firearms, with gun manufacturers paying handsomely to have their products worked into scenes.

I just finished a bowl of gazpacho for breakfast.

Now a study on monkeys reveals the same information we’ve seen already: that a life of lower calories is a longer and slower to age life.  It makes so much sense that our culture eats more than ever and gets sicker and dies unhealthier than ever.  Eat less, live longer.  Duh.  

So I guess walmart is going to create a green ratings system for its products and suppliers, and will stop carrying things that rate the worst.  What sucks is that someone really smart once told me: any positive news you hear from starbucks and some other companies MIGHT be true.  any positive press you hear about walmart IS A LIE.

I’m going to buy that actual CD hard copy of GOD HELP THE GIRL from Stuart Murdoch somewhere in Portland today, I haven’t supported a local record store or had a new CD to open in a very long time!  And I think I’ve made a point to always buy B&S cds… here’s a good review:

             God Help the Girl is essentially a Belle & Sebastian album, said Nathan Rabin in The Onion. That Scottish band’s Stuart Murdoch has indulged “his inner Phil Spector” and created a concept album on which belles, known and unknown, sing for him. God Help the Girl acts as a soundtrack to the pop savant’s as-yet-unfilmed musical about a mentally unstable girl named Eve. Its star is Ireland’s Catherine Ireton, “whose cheeky, vampish delivery sometimes puts air quotes around Murdoch’s already irony-rich lyrics” in songs such as “Come Monday Night” or “I’ll Have to Dance With Cassie.” Though her angelic soprano steals the spotlight, “it’s always Murdoch’s voice that emerges: literate, wry, witty, autumnal, a little bit twee, and a whole lot melancholy.” Belle & Sebastian devotees will wish he were also behind the mic, but Murdoch seems “content to play puppet master,” said Josh Modell in Spin. “His Royal Tweeness lets the ladies speak for him,” and the result has a “brilliantly classic-sounding” girl-group feel.

Can you BELIEVE this news that moving walkways in airports are actually shown to slow people down.  This world we’ve created is just too fucked up.  

I realized I bought a bag os potatoes for our camping trip at that mini mart and never used them, I also already had a handful at home so I have to figure out what to do with a lot of potatoes …  a big potato salad?  cold potato soup, maybe?

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One Response to Loads of thoughts and news and notes (By Alexander)

  1. suzyloves says:

    ommmmmmmg: “At Rome’s Tiburtina station, York University professor Sally Baldwin was crushed to death in 2003 after a travelator collapsed and she was pulled into the cog wheels.

    And in Boston, USA, drunken sushi chef Francisco Portillo died after getting his head stuck in a subway escalator in 2005.”
    yikes. really.
    i was going to blog tonight but this big long post is grand so i will leave it at the top for the time being and blog-a-bit tomorrow. (yikes! cant stop thinking about those two things. ehhhh)

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