Suzy came to Oregon and fell for it… let’s talk about this some more! (By: A)

Well, you came…  !  What fun, right… you will blog too about it.  And there were little moments of “I REALLY REALLY WANT TO SHARE A CITY WITH YOU” and it’ll have to be this one, because I’m not going anywhere a while, and it’s Oregon and it’s wonderful!

I wish I could remember all the very silly, funny one liners… like “bad genes”.   We dressed Ryan up to be hipster in my clothes for a totally hipster concert.  We drove in all sorts of directions and sat in all kinds of bars.  We camped at the coast.  We saw Tillamook, Cannon Beach.  We went to Mt. Hood, the Sandy River…..  it was all love and next year we will have rafts and tubes and all the things we wanted to have.

A few favorites are below… but check out pictures of the LONDON FRIENDS IN PORTLAND HERE.

And while you are at it, I took a lot of really cool photos on my trip back to Pennsylvania last week, TAKE A PEEK OF THAT STUFF TOO!


our colorful headless hippie bodies


portland rocks


cannon beach, or (haystack rock)


cool pacific

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