portland approaching (from alexander in PA)

Suzy… it is approaching faster than I ever thought…  and since I’m so OUT of my life in Portland right now, the visit is going to seem very whimsical, as I haven’t really cemented any plans, but what is the point of that.

I don’t know what high tops are?  Or I don’t know what you mean – any hiking we do will be moderate, I’m sure, being such a big group.  But the coast can be cool, so make sure whatever they are they are sturdy and something you would walk miles in without starting to bitch about!

It’s Tuesday.. I’m in my mom’s house, been doing some small chores, and hanging with family and kids I only see a time or 2 a year.  Tomorrow starts this fun carnival/italian festival that is literally in my back yard..  I will ride all the rides with kids of all ages.  As long as SOMEONE comes on that big-kid gravitron ride with me.  Do you know my SERIOUS childhood obsession with carnivals and rides… and specifically that shady rides that pull up on flatbeds in the middle of the night and are elaborate-thrill-rides-put together by men with no shirts or teeth and covered in tattooes.  LOVE IT… wanted to used to DO IT…  I think it related to my love of the film industry, the fakeness, the temporariness of sets and filming locations.. etc.

Tonight is Chinese food in Rockaway, NJ and tomorrow the rides.  Thursday I leave Newark at 7am and in Portland at 10am…  have 12 hours to rest, wash, and clean and prepare for YOU GUYS.

I don’t know if D and L are regularly reading the blog… so I won’t get into a semi-agenda here.. plus, its just hanging out in Portland for friday and saturday anyway to find Dylan Sat night…

alright…too much happening around me and i miss you and can’t wait to see you and us all together.  I got a nice camera, so I really want a fun photo shoot.  I will have another  friend take a lot of pictures of the group of us.

My tummy feels empty this lunch time… i think I might have a beer!


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