new look to ANDWELOVE today + stories from my car trip around the northwest. by: alexander

hi friends and loves…..  i have been without (much) technology for a week, embarking around the pacific northwest…. with lots on that to come.  but i’m back in portland

but HEY, DO YOU LIKE OUR UPDATED LOOK… hey, the new york times magazine does it, so will we!

and if you haven’t been to our site before (or have), do look at aboutANDWELOVE .  our beautiful picture is there, too.

so, last thursday my friend and i headed due east out of portland…  the only legitimate/planned/real goal was to visit a family friend of mine in rigby, id and get some kindly promised camping equipment and also to spend time in jackson hole (where i was born) and do some hiking…the rest was pretty much in the air and in the gas tank…      the pacific northwest has alllll so much to offer.  since rigby, id was a lengthy drive away, we decided we’d stay in the one and only idaho hostel, just outside boise, a renovated farmhouse turned hostel in the midst of cow fields, creeks, and a walmart.   not another guest arrived, so we had a night out in boise – a pretty quit imitation-like city….after some mexican food (in IDAHO) and a stop at the very dead, but still existing gay bar, the emerald club …  sadly, just a small handful of locals were there and big, empty, dance floor was no inviting.  the clubs sign read “straight-friendly”….  what a turn of events in this america, right…  we live in the DAY OF AGE that the only idaho gay bar posts in their signage an “OK” for straight people to come on in.!

the next day we took rural roads to pass craters of the moons national monument in central idaho


me on the moon

friends in rigby idaho showed us a good time and donated all great gear suzy, and pals will be using in just 2 weekends all around oregon (did you hear news that dylan is confirmed today, it is on!).   and a fun night of driveway beers and fireworks and chicken salad!  praise america!

the next day’s small drive was just over the pass in jackson hole, wyoming


thrilled to be home (well, passport and birth certificate home)


with patrick above the big JH


the beloved tetons and teton national park





jenny lake


(suzy, did you know aspen trees were my favorite kind every, not just seeing how you work where you work and all)


i fell in love with an amazing blue grass band playing at the mangy moose, in teton village, wy…  they were called HEAD FOR THE HILLS and they rocked the place out….  i already downloaded their album from itunes!

we left wyoming and headed the back roads up to missoula, montana – my new favorite place to maybesomeday move/get a house/visit often…  it is a teeny liberal/hip/young/gayish/smartish tiny town in western montana.  it houses U of Montana, so acts somewhat as a college town.. but with breathtaking scenery, cool people, cool music, local indie papers, colin meloy of decemberists is from there, gay bar, coffee shops, live music, riverfront, and so on … it is small and cheap and awesome, so let’s go!  i recommend for cheap: the city center motel, walking distance from all the good spots on higgins.  and food and wine is good at the old post, sit outside in back if it’s summer.  the gay bar, “amvets” (yes because it exists in and alongside the very old missoula america veterans club space,  how weird, has supposedly crazy mixed fun crowds all weekend long.  not so much my night there – monday.   all in all, love missoula.

not to mention, missoula is just mere hour or so from flathead lake, montana – a breathtaking and quiet lake.  i did some canoeing that started very fun but has some work-real-hard- parts i wasn’t expected…  i jumped in the lake afterwards.

and also not to mention, missoula is just a fast 3 hours from glacier national park.  WHOAZERS


back side of tetons, eastern idaho





and some final and favorite pics from glacier national park<<<<<<


do take a look at all my pics taken along the road this past week at my PICASA ALBUM ! (and no fear, it isn’t ALL the pics, its an edited handful that i’m sure you will really enjoy!)

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1 Response to new look to ANDWELOVE today + stories from my car trip around the northwest. by: alexander

  1. Katy says:

    looks amazing Xander! my girlfriend just road tripped to missoula from seattle this week too! I need to visit both of you…miss you lots. I tear streams at every passing of our pool. 🙂

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