OH SUZANNE IS SO TRUE BELOW! + Fathers Day VS. Summer Solstice + Summer is here!! (Posted by Alexander in Portland)


Suzy, your quick blog below should be so so elaborated on…. pages, volumes….  what media has gone and turned itself into in such a fast fast moment of time, that our progressive thinking college experience just 5 years ago seems so trite.  I guess it was impossible to see it coming, as tech/media itself seems like a creature on it’s own path and we just adapt to it.  Do you think that?  I know its human-made yet I can’t drop the ida that the twitters and gmails and virals are all just getting to be SO much bigger than us…

I feel like everyday I hear a new and interesting author talk in the radio about a new book on twitter or social networks…  I am really interested in the social aspect.  (Remembering I am without twitter/fb/and am ex to mspace, not to say I don’t spend a significant amount of time checking email on my phone, reading blogs, etc.)  I do wonder what the effects of this electronic celebrity was all have has on our people.   One book is out called something to the effect of “you’re not that important” about how the self satisfaction of telling the world what color we have on that day will soon break apart and these tweet sentiments will fade.  Then again I just suppose I’m just being part of the “I’m too cool for facebook” crowd, which in a sense is just as annoying – yet I did use myspace and I don’t like how it absorbed me, thats mainly why I stay away.

Another aspect is the Hollywood celebrity…  from my short stint there and the little big of stardom I cam close to I started to think that really the majority of these people are passionate about acting, art, (& money) and that the trails of their US WEEKLY lives were just part of the downside, yet now to see how many of these tv and movie stars (not just the pop culture ones) are doing twitter and perpetuating the exploitation of their everyday lives… guess they are really liked it anyway.. hey now they have control instead of the gossipy magazines and websites… eh.

This could go on forever… my head stars to spin and more than all of it, I’d rather think about your big trip here and the things we’ll see and the woods we’ll explore.   There is starting to be a lot of us and I like it… maybe we’ll figure out 2 cars… or rent a yucky big SUV.. that WOULD be fun.  And then have the ability to be out in nature more than just a night…


SO yesterday was Father’s Day and I have to point out my somewhat eccentric father (who’ve you met!) for years has found these holidays pretty meaningless but yet I often like to call to hear his sarcastic reaction… this time after talking a bit I said “you know it’s fathers day”.  He said, “Oh is it that bull shit today?  You know, I had to read the bible as a kid 12 times and it never mentioned that Father’s Day bull shit once.”  –  He has a point.

To make the event weirder…  I went to a yoga class and the teacher (a hippie dippy surfer yogi, if you can imagine) mentioned at the start of class it being father’s day.  Ok, I kinda ignored it and it didn’t effect me, or my father for that matter.  But what’s funny is a STUDENT spoke up to say “It’s also Solstice”, to which the teacher agreed and mentioned. I just thought it fucking strange  yogi mention the hallmark holiday over the astronomical one.  HM.

Well, it looks like, being unemployed, not sure what to do with myself (for work) but having some savings and leftover unemployment insurance from bankrupt CA the summer is starting to unravel..  I’m in a whole new place and love it.  I’m road tripping to Jackson Hole to explore and camp (JH is my birth home!!! and I haven’t been in 4 years and haven’t EVER been there as an adult w/o family… if that makes sense.)   I might hop up to Seattle for gay pride this weekend.  I will be at my mom’s in PA a week of July… then you are all here end of July…  loves it.

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