vegetables, flowers, cameras, and more – from A

I spoiled myself today with a credit card and finally put back in my hands a good quality professional SLR camera…. I was going to call you and ask you what most of the photographers you work with use – at least what is the bigger name brand?  But no matter, I got all anxious for it asap and I  got a mid-grade Cannon DSLR and I’m just so glad to have a camera again… I sold a professional Olympus some time in LA and have only had a stupid point and shoot or iPhone.. so now, new projects,newart, new things!

I’m quick writing to you… I wanted to show off that I am eating a wonderful salad made from lettuces from my garden…  raspberries from my yard.. chives, beets, radishes…. all grown outside the window I sleep through!  And it must be true that the best energy and nutrition in any food item is something that was just picked moments earlier, still warm from the sun of the day!  YUMMMY.. I topped my lettuce mix with avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers and sprouted chick peas… and I have a side of bulgar wheat in organic butter and chives!

And a beer.

Tomorrow I am going to head to a little hiking site where Salmon Berries are growing EVERYWHERE – they are like a blackberry native to the area – and pick buckets of them and make pies… also I’m bringing my new camera so I will have loads of pictures.   I think I might have to create a new site or blog to post larger versions of my new photos instead of fill up here.

We’ll see.


Great new yard improvements thanks to mom and friend in town all weekend.








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One Response to vegetables, flowers, cameras, and more – from A

  1. Jack Mehoffer says:

    Jeepers, don’t you know that the chips they use for Canon’s DSLR’s are cooled using the tears of children who survived landmines in Zaire? Also, your credit card is funding Albanian terrorists in their war against cleft palate babies.

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