Monday Love Things By Alexander

Ah, Monday morning!  You and I live such non-conformist lives, yet I do take note of the vibe in the air on a Monday morning, everyone tired, cranky, not wanting it to be this day.  But as the unemployment rate grows, so do the amount of people on the couch like me this morning.  WELCOME!

Here is a pretty interesting article on the new idea of FUNEMPLOYEMENT – taking advantage of your new free time.  I mean, one can not really spend 40 hours a week “searching for a job”, so, have some fun on the beach on the other days.

HEY!  My pal Theresa gave me/blog a little shout out in her LA Examiner column on frugal living…..

and ONE MORE FINAL I LOVE YOU SUZY AND ALL MY FRIENDS AND ALL THE BEAUTIFULS OUT THERE… a dear, dear, dear friend of mine has suffered a very upsetting loss this weekend.   Her boyfriend of 2 years died tragically in a car accident in out hometown in PA.  He was 25 years old, a sweet, cute, wonderful guy and they had just moved in together less than a week earlier.  She was out in Seattle and I had just spent the night with her and the next thing we all know, a loved one has died and she was on a flight back home.    I have had such little, little experience with death of those around our age.   From a big, Italian family I have been to endless funerals, seen close relatives and distant somebodies die sadly, but there is such a different feeling I get inside, a much more unsettling one when a person leaves us so young.  What does that mean?  I just don’t know.  It’s almost too big for me to try to understand, so instead I will feel sad and confused and leave it at that.

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