And perhaps no body even noticed. But some kind of mishap took place with the wordpress and I emailed to ask about it and was told we were providing links to some adult websites illegally.  I said this seemed like some kind of mistake, please check again. And they said,

My apologies – it looks like there was a mistake.
Your blog is good and this will not happen again.

So Anyway.   As my dad has said numerous times,

“To err is human, to really fuck up requires a computer.”   True dat.

Now it’s a cool summer Sunday night in Portland.. My mom is here, we saw then new Pixar UP and it was GOOOOD and cute and I will take my kids to movies like it sometime.  Tonight, Sunday pasta – all homemade (meaning homemade pasta and sauce and organic sausage from the local Italian deli).

Tomorrow, massages!  What a life.

Are you listening to Bon Iver much.  We need right away to get the new “GOD HELP THE GIRL” album from Stuart from B&S…  I think it’s released this month and I hear so many good things.  I think he wrote most of it but to female vocals. And speaking of, I just read that Stuart Murdoch isn’t a drinker – did you know that?  Does that surprise you?  I think I find it just a wee unnerving that (because of his lyrics) I find out he isn’t a big indie rock star drunk!  wtf?  I guess it goes back to the whole “how sober is so in” right now.  Uhg, spare me.

AND, LEAH BOOKED!  So, when are you getting your ticket…?

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