the first for two things (1.seattle//2.a crow attack) from/alexander



It’s tuesday night, latish, half-watching sitcom reruns, half folding laundry, and half stopping to write to you….  I’ve been off line, spending all weekend in Seattle – the kind of weekend that I planned to “check out Seattle for  night or 2 and get home for yoga on Sunday” that turned into many days and nights of greatness…  met loads of good precious people from all over the country, all over the world, and oddly, a lot from Pennsylvania.  I  was lucky enough to be driven around in a convertible day and night with top down, 85 degrees.  Found time to skinny dip in Lake Washington (not my greatest moment, hating my swimming skills and hating water at night got to me fast and I was the first one panting and crawling back onto the dock to drink beers).   Checked out Pike Place and saw that same “first starbucks” that you posted a picture of.  (So I didn’t take one).   Also found a wee magic shop in the basement of Pike Place that is owned by a magic fan who has written books on my great great uncle Alexander, the place was loaded with giant posters of him… my namesake!  Or am I his namesake?  How does it work?  ///  What else?  ////  ///  I LOVED SEATTLE and will be back, be back…  especially if you folks are flying in SEATAC July before coming down to Portland.

But I get to go back Thursday, anyway to spend the day and dinner with an old friend from home/PA.  And rush back to Portland Friday when mom arrives in town for a stay.

Seattle was all the things one loves of the Pacific NW…  clean, green, happy, wet, cheap, sunlight until 10PM, hippie, open.  And this time even warm:

DSCF6276 Downtown Seattle from Volunteer Park

DSCF6302 Lake Wahington

DSCF6303 Need friends with boats at sunset!

DSCF6314 How cute and gay is this mess?

I meant to mention, this was my first time in SEATTLE …   of alllll the many American cities I have come at least to pass through, Seattle is a corner I hadn’t brought my feet into until now.

Since there is a first for everything, I should tell you what has turned my day upside down, as it would yours, I’m sure.



So, I went to bed fairly sleeps after my 4 day weekend of smiles and awoke this morning to SCREETCHING sounds out my window.  A bird, a big black bird.  SCREAMING.  CAWWWING.  CAWWW.



Annoyed but lazy, I didn’t really do much but squince under a pillow and ignore it until I had to ready and go anyway. I spent the day doing some errands and other work and came home in the mood to work in the garden some, use my borrowed weed whacker to clean up the yard a bit.  The crow (and sometimes 2) is there SCREAMING and flopping from one tree to the other, back and forth, screeeetching.

FINALLY, I notice that there is a sick/maybe dead looking bird nearby, in my yard, near the garden and under a giant tree.   A little grossed out, I only slowly got close to see that it is breathing, fairly alive – and the crows begin TO CIRCLE AND SCREAM at me.   Thinking that what happened next never could be an option, I decided to at least remove the thing, perhaps trash it if it looked very ill.  (Sorry if this offends any PETA people).  So I get a paper bag and garden shovel and head over to the baby bird when OUT OF NOWHERE the mother fucking mother crow swoops open her huge wingspan and ATTACKS me with a peck of the beak or claws on the top of my head SO FAST.  I screamed (pretty girly) and dropped the things in my hands and ran around to the front door when the crow SWOOPED again and hit me on the back of the head just as I got onto the front porch and ran into the house.   To which it then perched near my house on the closest branch pointing and screaming at me whenever I went back outside.

The rest of the day is as expected…  as much as I tried to do outside I was under watch and often swoop of this bird, more prepared now, I did not get close to the sick one and when I was outside for a prolonged time period, I walked hunched and with a rake in my hand, ready to fight.   I was even followed for about 2 blocks with an occasional threat of a sweep that had me shouting obscenities at a crow in front of neighbors.   If they had missed the swoops and only saw me screaming at it, what would they think?

When I told my roommate I really had to go get some lettuce from the garden, the same end of the garden close enough to the baby to bring attack, he suggested I wore a bike helmet.   Which I did.  And cut my arugula and scurried in.

It’s midnight and quiet now, not sure what will happen, I’m hoping that the thing is either gone (healed and flew away or eaten by something else, I don’t care).  I don’t want to hurt it but more I don’t want that crazed mother crow looming around me.

Just a little curious, I’ve done some googling and it turns out that crows are the most likely bird to attack a human that seems to endager its fallen youth. I came across this to make me feel less alone…..  a response to a person in a very similar scenario:

Since you gave no indication of where you live, I have to guess on exactly what is happening. But, right now (late May) in most areas of the country crow babies are just fledging (leaving the nest). In the first couple of weeks that the young are out of the nest they cannot fly well and are very vulnerable to predation. They hide in the trees and the parents are very protective of them. At this time the parents will mob (attack) any potential predator in the area. Usually this means cats and dogs, but it appears that you elicits the same response. You are too big to risk getting too near. Just wait a few days and the fledglings will leave your yard and the parents will calm down. Try to keep in mind that these birds are not vicious fiends bent on your destruction, but merely dedicated parents trying to defend their own young in the best fashion they know.

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3 Responses to the first for two things (1.seattle//2.a crow attack) from/alexander

  1. Kimberly says:

    I don’t know about the crows not being fiends. I have been attacked several times over the last year and I never went near them. Once they got away with it the first time they didn’t stop.
    I really need some way to send them away or my husband will take a more fatal approach.

  2. Seth says:

    Check out my raw footage of this mean mother crow. She has a vendetta against me. I too have to live with this right now because I live in an apartment under the nest. I’ve seen them communicate with each other. She’s the craziest one, and she hates me. Keep in mind, I didn’t do a damn thing to these crows.
    Crows hate those silver mylar helium balloons, I was thinking about tying some together and releasing them at night, when the crows don’t come out, and getting those balloons up in the tree, that ways they’ll have to relocate. If I’m still living here by next year, I’ll do the same, but earlier so they won’t use this tree. My ears are permanently trained to the frequency of crows cawing. I’m living in a Hitchcock movie. No bloody attacks, not yet.

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