Sunny Sunday Notables…. (from Alley)

Good Day!

I found some pants that I bought in London that I kind of never really wore but never wanted to let go of either (I think I spent a lot of money on them to be all designery in Kensington when we lived on Queens Gate in 2003.)  I’m glad I kept them, they fit me still and they are pretty funky looking jeans and hear in Oregon I can sport whatever…

I was thinking that it’s just about these weeks we were taking last finals and finishing up papers and preparing for that crazy weekend of multi-graduation ceremonies in Philadelphia – FIVE YEARS AGO…   5 years ago was that time – now it’s this time, Suzy.  What did you imagine?  What has really, essentially changed in us and for us?  I know one thing: you and I both can admit that there are grand aspects of our private lives that we could never have dreamed of being our lives five years ago!  Yet, we knew all along, didn’t we!   There is such a duality in that.

I’m still hanging around in coffeeshops and bars with more reading material (and now laptop) that I will ever get through in one sitting.  That hasn’t changed.

What are your thoughts?

Can you remember 5 years ago’s desires for us?


this is notable:

It seems hospitals in the Houston area are dealing with a 25% surge in births this month – it being 9 months after Hurricane Ike took out power for days.   Guess you can only do so much when there is no tv and no place to go….. HAHA!

Wonder what other time periods show that micro increase in our lifetimes….?   We know a lot of babies are conceived in the springtime and after wartime, etc…. but how about on 9-11, or during a recession, perhaps?!


What is Conan O’Brian doing on the cover of the Sunday NYT Magazine?  Is NY making a big deal out of this late night change up?  Or do I only notice because I somehow still have a periphery on the television industry… (will that ever go away?)

Ok, I’m about to dive into the paper…. and probably pop back on with more notables my friends.

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