SUZY! You’re in paperback, I Love it! /// me, and other catching up games /// by AlexANDER

That is fabulous about the book, S!  I love being in print, especially physically!   HAHA and I like your haircut and I will see it in just a couple months – in person…  didn’t we go through a big “should I get my hair cut” debacle in LA and someone was going to come over my house but it didn’t happen?  Or it was all drunk talk somewhere?   Unclear.

Well, Portland is beautiful as ever… I went to SF and realized the cleanliness here is superior to anywhere…  and it is because the people living here all care… like, really, everyone… and so many other cities inhabit so many who don’t take pride and then there is comes, trash and crass on the street…..  NOT   I!

My lovely San Francisco was beloved as always… saw so many loves and new ones too!  Nori and Tess from LA were up for the Bay 2 Breakers marathon . and so I went for the extra curricular activities aka, sitting all 3 days in Dolores Park’s sunshine… surrounded by beauty!   Found myself a slip-n-side as well, you know me… it’s what I do..  (((photos below.)))

Back to Portland I’m cleansing on juices and mostly raw food this whole week and will continue as long as I can stand it, feeling really good and whole and clean.  ((((But still wouldn’t have minded spending the week many 6ams in Manhattan with YOU!)))

I wish I could have been sharing my whole weeks menus, why didn’t I?… they have been amazing… but tonight anyway: red mung beans (soaked last night) just lightly boiled for a few moments with diced celery, garlic, shallot, green onions from the back yard, kale and an array of spicyness.  also, green salad topped with yellow tomato, perfect avocado, some baked tofu and chia seeds tossed with flax oil and white vinegar.  so yum and simple.  dark chocolate in bed later!

Been sweating my ass off to help out at Hot Yoga.. man, haven’t ben doing the hot hot 105 degree yoga classes since a stint with it in college.. I used to go to a Hot Yoga class upstairs somewhere around Walnut and 17th or so… Man, Philly days are getting blurrier…

Never have I lived THIS close to a yoga studio, and hot damn its a good place with reasonable prices ($25 gets you an unlimited 2 wk intro… NEVER in NY babes…) not to mention a slurry of other hot yogis and teachers…

check em out… Yoga Union in Portland

and now a segment I call,

Sharing Picture Time With Alexander

first came the berfday fun…



Other berfday sillyness


san francisco.. look who i found there..


also found a slip-n-slide… it’s me.


OKOKOK OTHERWISE ALL… I just want to Prove the wonder of Oregon to ya’ll…. just so you know how happy and outdoorsy I get to be… here are some pics from a couple weeks ago, I took a few days to myself for some various nearby hiking… jump in the car with water and snack and drive a half hour or so and all this is to be found::::

DSCF5981 (mt hood poking out)


DSCF5990 (reserved for wildlife?  are we not that?)


DSCF6012 shrooooms!

DSCF6025 columbian river gorge



DSCF6067 and down the street!

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  1. Jilly says:

    Mmmmm… Buffalo Burgers

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