Mid May Comes like sunlight… /Alexander


Thanks for the birthday wishes and texts, you know I don’t care who and who doesn’t remember that stuff…  it is a strange thing whose BDAYS we remember.  Easy to remember when people share a date (like you and My grandmother with your exactly 70 years diff)… also, I remember friends from early on, grade school, high school.  Not that I have that many, but I still can recall some birthdays…  college friends, not so easy.  I can usually remember the month.  And then work and later-life friends, forget it!   I do however, keep most loved ones written in my calender, which means in december every year when I get a new calender/planner, I sit and rewrite everyone’s birthdays for the year.  It’s fun.

I’m having coffee in bed.  It’s Friday, 8:30AM and chilly.  I have to catch a bus to a train to a plane in a couple hours to head to San Francisco for the weekend… Nori and Theresa will be up from LA and I can’t miss the chance…

The new Andrew Bird is good.  Jill brought me a shit ton of music… everyone should get a visit from Jill once a year because she always shares tons and tons of new music.  (Free!)

Also, is the east coast loving BLIND PILOT yet?  They are Portlanders.  Now touring with the Decemberists and I hope to see Decem’s with Andrew and Blind Pilot at a Oregon winery in July!

Blind Pilot on NPR:

Oh, and Suz, re Below: DISNEY…  why were you there?  You know I often really get judgmental about that whole ordeal…  the mickey mouse shirts on 3 years olds that were made somewhere else by 6 year olds.    And I always grimaced at my LA friend who loved popping over to D land…    yet I was at D world as a kid and loved it…  not to mention worked a few gigs for some awful ABC tv show, owned by Disney and I had to go onto the studio lot and deliver paperwork, where they would make me and my paper work go through X ray….  those paranoid nazis!

BUT STILL…  yes, I bet it was fun and if I was with friends and it wasn’t too crowded, I’d surely get off on all those rides.. I LOVE ROLLLLLERCOASTERS and the video you linked too was so cool and I’m missing that I no longer live a few minutes from major amusement parks, like in SF and LA… I loved bringing a flask and enjoying the day!

Well I love you and the month of May and SEE YOU IN JULY… I’m looking into these nifty cabins/lodges on the Oregon coast… there are big “apartment” style lodges for like 180 a night in July… if it is 4 or 5 of us, then its super cheap… we load up groceries and head out there for a night or two, huh?!

K   XO  Have a nice weekend, I’ll be sans laptop and absorbed into the bay area sweetness.

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One Response to Mid May Comes like sunlight… /Alexander

  1. Jack Mehoffer says:

    yes yes and the computer you are typing your blog on (i am assuming a mac) was made by some jerk in taiwan who makes 13 cents an hour and the cup you are drinking out of contains lead in the glaze and was made on the 4th overtime shift of some woman in china who will never have health care and the tires on the bike you ride were taken from a rubber tree where some indigenous population was given a bag of rice for $20,000 of raw material by Goodrich, and this and that and blee blow blah

    just let her enjoy a goddamn rollercoaster

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