“I got my red dress, I’m ganna be on Television..” (Pictures from Alexander)

It rains steady today in Portland, which is good for my growing veggies and my growing baby grass and good for me not doing anything….   I drank the rest of a big beer after pouring half of it into some cups this morning to place in the garden and kill those motherfucking slugs that ate all my mutherfucking cabbage sprouts.  OK!

In the meantime, I am in the perfect mood for showing off the silly pictures for Saturday’s Red Dress Party….

The deal is that I volunteered all day Friday doing some light cleaning and set up and truck unloading to prepare for the big Saturday event.   2,000 people attended, all in a RED DRESS… from drag queens to the sisters of perpetual indulgence and the skinny guys and big hairy gay guys, to beautiful women and the highlight of the night: the regular old straight guys who threw on their girlfriends red dress to add to the cause.  My other favorites were the totally unsure.  Drunk and the end of the night I needed a friend to differentiate people’s actual gender for me.  What a clusterfuck Portland’s social norms are… SWEET!      The tunes were fun and the vodka flowed….  I danced in circles from 10 to 2… perfect evening in a dress and combat boots…   SOME SNAPS:

From the day before /set up day… this year’s theme was Red Eye, so the party revolved around airports and flying…

Here’s a bar/ticket counter and one of the many spinning party carousels…



THE PARTY…  me and Melissa, my date.





Innovative man, a dress made from slinkies….







Which bathroom is “other”?…….


Melissa is the “End of the Line” and proud the fuck of it…  (the line was for the body painting stand…)


…. I can’t decide if I want to show the world what we looked like after being “body brushed”…

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