I’m Laughing about Banana Republic/Crystals/Big Red Dress Dance Parties

SUZY!!!  I’m laughing about life when I read NYC Banana Republic opening early for the business-walk-of-shame shopping…

Walk of shame usually is the walk home on a Saturday, Sunday morning, right?  There has to be another good word for the walk-straight-to-work shame.  HMM.  I’ll check urban dictionary dot com maybe.


I have many pictures and stories about my previous evening, spent with about 1500 other follow humans, all of us in a red dress – yes, all of us in red dresses, drinking free vodka drinks and hanging out in an airport-themed dance club warehouse kinda thing.  Unbelievable.  It was one of the moments you know your are experiencing something that only a spec of humanity could even imagine.   Some SNAPS to come when I feel like really getting involved.


What I jumped on here to tell you initially is that, if you recall, you bought me a small crystal during your last time with me out west… I’m a little unclear where, I’m thinking you got it at that hippie head shop in Reno we went to? But then again I’m questioning if it was before that, like maybe your last July trip to LA and the little card shop in Hollywood?  I think it was then…  DO YOU REMEMBER?   Well, I ask because I briefly thought about that crystal a while back, maybe after moving/unpacking etc and felt a little bummed that I wasn’t exactly sure of it’s whereabouts.  And I was bummed because it was special and somewhat powerful and from you….   well, TODAY I went to shake the dirt/tobacco/lint out of the bottom of my messenger back I tote around Portland out into the yard and BEHOLD! A CRYSTAL fell into the grass!  YOUR CRYSTAL!….  turns out, it wasn’t missing at all, but has been pretty much with me everywhere I go for months, I just didn’t know it, as it was shoved in some little pocket……..  SO THANK you SUZY for being with me almost everywhere I go.  I appreciate it!!!!


GOOD NEWS FRIENDS… again, Suzy (with Leah and Dylan in tow) will be coming my way AGAIN (although haven’t you been to LA and Seattle both since I last saw you in CA in January?).   SEE YOU AND THE FOLKS LATE JULY!  What a ball we will have… camping, hiking, rafting all of Oregon?!?!?!!!!

(Jill is here Saturday!)

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2 Responses to I’m Laughing about Banana Republic/Crystals/Big Red Dress Dance Parties

  1. The RDP is something of a rite of passage for new people in the Puddle, of course…sounds you had a stellar evening. Put up some photos!



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