Passports… And Bibles? – By A

I know that “I lost something so important” feeling very well, I’m ditzy and often misplace a wallet or iPhone or credit card.  But nothing is as lost ids/passports on days of traveling.  Sorry to inform you but you probably erased about 5 or 6 months of your lifespan from that day of stressing.  But life will still big long and good, though!

Enjoy Canada!

I’m in a cafe and two girls sat down near me with folders and laptop, etc.  I hear, “oh noooo, I think I forgot my Bible”.  “Oh, you can use mine.”  “Oh, here it is!”

My eyebrows rose a titch.  Hmm?   They have continues to sit and discuss on a more scholarly level, but they are young.  I will presume, since this is Portland coffeeshop that they are here, not do discuss your religion but because they are Freshman in some Intro to World Religion class.  What do you think?

Hey, I found my TATOO MATCHING SOCKS!!!  cool


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