What to do with life, she asks? Also, stuff regarding WalMart and Pole Dancing for larger girls. (Thoughts from Alex)

Suzy texted me randomly today, Alex, what should we do w our lives since we can do anything in the world!!!!!

I smiled.  Because that is always on my mind, being in a new city and all.  The doors are all around me, which one do I open?  After some volunteering at the youth center today I was thinking, why not just make my way into the non-prof world working with kids, especially queer youth.  After being blessed all my life to be exactly as I wanted, why not provide that for someone else who is suffering?  Being around teenagers in general reminds me how AWFUL that time is and how someone just a little older in their 20s,30s can have a real positive effect without being too much of an authority figure.

But also your question reminded me of something I so wanted to mention….  recently, meeting some new people at a potluck in the neighborhood, we got on the “career” conversation, so to speak.  This is Portland, so no one really uses that stupid word, exactly.  Anyway, I mentioned to a new friend my current schpeal about looking for work in my media field, if it exists here and then after a while if it hasn’t happened then I would just go ahead and go to culinary school… I said, “that’s at the top of the list, anyway”.  She asked, “well what else is on the top of the list?” And I replied, “well, honestly doing NOTHING is right there at No. 1.”

And it is true.  Not laziness per se, just if I had the means (sugar daddy, lottery, etc) then I probably would settle just fine for dinner with friends, wine, cafes, bars, travel, yoga, cooking, gardening, sleeping.   What the hell else?   Oh, I’d surely continue to volunteer my time for the betterment of things, too!  A year building houses in Africa, cooking at homeless shelters…. etc.    What a brilliant life!

In the meantime.  <<<<<<>>>>>>

OK.  So, I have to apologize for being a momentary hypocrite.   I needed a hose that was in better condition, since I just planted grass seed in my front yard.  I also needed a rake.  Fast and cheap hose and rake.  I’m sure the garden shop on my block would have it, but at outrageous prices and probably also made in China, anyway…  as much as I like to buy American and used, a hose is just the kind of thing that you need to get new, right?  I googled Target and it was a little out of the way, while WalShitMart was just a hop away…. eeeeeee?  Do I do it?   Yes, of course, I can spend a couple dollars in WM just every few years, right?  (Actually, I think I bought some longjons there when I was in the mountains in NV, but in NV there is no nicer option, really.)   It wasn’t that bad.  Cheap hose, rake and I figured it wouldn’t hurt me to pick up a cheap personal sized deep-fryer.  YUP, I got a deep fryer.  Loves it.  I’m not turning all meat and McDonalds, it happened because an Indian restaurant around here had this salad with these AMAZING garbonzo beans.  I asked how they were made and of course, deep fried and tossed with cumin and turmeric….  and since I’m currently addicted to great/fun/functional kitchen devices, I did it.  Got my deep-fryer, came home fried some chick peas and tossed.  Yum!  You will be happy when you are here and we have fresh tempura in my living room.  MMHMMMM.   Ahh, I’m thinking beer batter!  Anyone, anyone?

And lastly, as I sip my $1.50 PBR at the ‘Bar of God’ … I HAVE TO TELL YOU that I got everyone I know BEAT for “BEST CLOSEST BUSINESS”…..  anyone wanna put money on it?  And I’m coming from LA where I had a pot shop on my corner.. NO, THIS IS BETTER!

So, with all the spring days and yard work and sunny afternoons, I find myself often on the front porch.  And as I settle into my house and street (It’s a month, today), I’m taking in all the street watching… who lives where, who has kids, who owns which cat.. I’m very gossip-grandma spying on everyone.  There is just across the street on the corner a bead shop, but next to it is an unmarked door and we’ve noticed a lot of in-and-out there.  Oh, a drug front?  Nah.  Seemed like some kind of business, but no markings and curtains in the window.   Finally I’ve strolled by and got a name and did some googling… it turns out, the nearest business to my house is none other than PRIMAL BEGINNINGS… a pole dancing studio for women with “all body types”…. OKKKKAYYYY!!!!!!

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  1. amy says:

    Hi neighbor!!

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