More meat for the meat eaters/Everyone is in a band here, but me. (By Alexander)


What wonderful is the month of April…  all those years in LA and I forgot what the coming on of Spring is like.  So Brilliant as buds bud and flowers bloom.

Doing things like getting grills, lawnmowers, rakes.  Yup, those kind of things that you New Yorkers don’t quite contemplate, do you?   Craig’s list is great for grills, I’ve learned.

OH!  Wanted to tell you, hearing about the meeting with Temple inspired me to get back in touch with my friend, the man that was the President of Temple U. while we attended.  Recall I attended some HRC dinners with him, representing Temple’s gay student community.  (Wow, to look back and think that it was ME that represented all those Queers to such a prestigious organization..yikes)    So we are in e-conversation, tuns out he has family in Portland!  Also, still is teaching at TU, so he will surely be happy to hear of our project.   I really should use this time to write my stories for the book.  I think I’ll dig out old journals!  College was a time of real, handwritten journals!  I wonder if I should research some notes on “travel writing”… Surely there must be a book written on how to write travel.

ALSO… speaking of the old days.  Your pictures from the Gift of Life gala are great and I’m sorry I missed the occasion.  What was weird is the setting and lighting are just as it was when we were ALL there together, so many years back, and I feel like I’m looking at you and Leah and Jesse and it was then, not now.

Jesse Galle, if you read this: I LOVE YOU!

I’m sitting, dorkily, on a laptop, outside!  On Hawthorne Street, again sipping the best coffee.  (Can I stress this enough?)  The sun is shining and the temperature is rising.  It reminds me of those first really warm days on campus when all of a sudden people came out of the woodwork (or skipped class, maybe) to take off the clothes and shoes and sit in the grass and feel warm. (And smoke pot.)

A moment ago an old man was sitting next to me, sipping his mug and smoking a cigarette.  (Isn’t this a song?)  He kept moaning/grunting kind of under his breath,but  not, things like “ohhh, yeahh”.  “yuuup, yuup, yuuup.”  I think he was REALLY enjoying this warm breeze!

Now he is gone and there is a couple sitting and reading and I think, smoking pot.  Well, again, the economy has me and so many more folks I know and don’t know  rolling our own cigarettes.  It’s actually much more healthy(?). Well, interesting, anyway.  Did I tell you that I’ve been rolling filtered cigarettes, its 1/3 organic tobacco and 2/3 herbs (not those kind)…  mostly lemon balm, peppermint, etc.  They are wonderful!  But they look like joints.

I haven’t found a job, but have had 2 interesting job interviews with good media outlets in Portland… there is hope!  It isn’t like there are ZERO jobs, I just have to be a little resourceful until I  find myself in the right place at the right time!

MEAT.  So, I think I should finally declare, after a decade of flip-flopping on the subject that I now do not consider myself anything related to a vegetarian.  It went on for so many years that I thought that I was even though I’d always be “sneaking some bacon”.  A good friend would even mock me and say things like “It’s Tuesday today, Alex, does that mean you eat meat or not?”

And we talked mostly about this on our road trip in January.  And Ryan made me laugh because he waited for you to not be in the car to eat the bag of Beef Jerky!   And you commented on eating the broth in french onion soup and I think we are on the same page.

Not to say that I am anything but healthy!  And, the nearest store to my house for groceries sells strictly only grass fed, free range meats and fishes (if fish ate grass).   So yes, I continue to follow my whole foods diet of mostly fresh produce and grains and all the health extras like flax and vinegars and herbs but also no longer deny the fact that I enjoy fine meats, healthy animals, organic dairy, and lots of fish, all in moderation as I have been doing for years!    Why this announcement, at this point in my life?


I guess I have missed out on years of having a grill in my own back yard!  Yup!


Those are organic skewers baby!  Yup, on bamboo, roasting on natural charcoal.  Yup, beautiful ain’t they?!???  See those WHOLE, UNSEEDED jalopenos in there.  Yup, that was painful!



Thats my lawnmower!  Do you love it?  It was $35 at the corner vintage hippie shop.  I asked the owner if I could test it out and they let me.  I came back and said, it’s a keeper!  Totally vintage and made in USA.  NO WAY!


Tulips in my yard.


Fuzzy cats like the shade.


I call this one, “house in spring with gray cat”. 2009

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