HI SUZY!  I feel like I faded into my life there briefly, which is never a bad thing.  And you are getting naked in the rain in the east coast and that sounds beautiful, in a way!

I’m listening to the LCD Soundsystem in my sun-filled living room this late afternoon.  Portland is north enough that we sure do see a long day this earl in the year.  Very nice light already as late as 8, 8:30… wow!  Wait until the warm bright July nights!

LCD just sang that lyric “New York I love you, but your freaking me out!”

My garden is sowed and I think the tiniest of green buds are popping their noses from the dirt.  Arugula is the first to show signs!  My fair Arugula!   Soon we’ll see radishes, spinach, butter lettuce.  Speaking of all that I have just used my professional food processor/blender to make the greenest smoothie ev – beet greens, yogurt, juice, flax, agave, blueberried and a pear!  WOW!   It’s not a pretty sight but YUM!

Spring has sprung this past weekend in Oregon, the city of spring daffodils!  They grow like weeds and I will be sad to see them go… and I continue to explore all the interesting angles here..


What a great set of options here:







Suzy, I’m home alone today, which isn’t common seeing as that we’re all in and out of a lot and have had company.  But today it is empty and I have to mention how weird a new house is.  I keep finding or hearing little things that I have to explore.  Especially noise.  It’s like, I don’t yet know all the little creeks and croaks of this big, old house.  I’m constantly leaning up like “no what’s that noise?”   Trees rubbing on the roof?  A cat on a counter top somewhere?





Guys, there is forrest just a few blocks from my house.  How brilliant is that to have.  Reminds me of the “woods” of
Hyde Park near our London abode.

LCD Soundsystems stopped and now it is Leonard Cohen, what an interesting afternoon of tunes.

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