Where have I been? I’ve been hoeing – but not the kind you think. Pictures pictures pictures of my house, my neighborhood…. luvA

YES! It’s been one week I’ve been in my house. And with a lot of work and some money spent, it is finally a home and I have pictures to share. In regards to your previous email, I will say that I have done this move as conscience as possible, but not always perfect. We scored great quality furniture from vintage and thrift stores. Maybe more expensive than Ikea, but at least it is used/quality/and will continue to last. I got plants and soil and things for my garden at the nearest nursery. And I’ve been celebrating all this with as much Oregon beer and wine as I could find. (I did end up in Ikea for some simple needs, saving money and avoiding walmart and the such.) Ah, and drinking coffee from a roaster a block away!

Then came the big set up. Furniture, stereos, endless kitchen boxes. Took a few days to sort through it all. Not to mention 2 people merging their things.

And yesterday was sunny and hot and I spent all day hoeing away in the garden. Getting it ready. The local nursery folks were able to tell me all about my local weather, frost, soil pH, etc. I got a free education just standing there. I did buy a book on Pacific Northwest Gardening. I better fucking stay around these parts a while. And the next couple days I will start to sow some cool weather things out there… so exciting if I can find a true green thumb for organic gardening! Also, got a composter – simple wire cage to fill with garden, yard, and kitchen waste. And with the amount that Oregon recycles, I can’t imagine what the kitchen garbage can will be filled with?

The job hunt is creeping up on me, now that I’ve spent a month getting settled, I guess I have no excuses left. But there are some small prospects and always culinary school, which seems daunting but would be a great year-long activity that I can get the government to pay for!

Lastly, we are in the hot search for the 3rd roommate. The house is affordable, but even cheaper if we can rent out the large attic space. So, SOMEONE out there feeling like they need a change? Have some money for a few months to get by? Why not move to Portland, OR for 6 months. Check out the ad here.

There is so much more to talk about, but instead I will bore you all with a photo essay….. here goes:






Patrick fries.


Melissa studies Spanish..


I read?


My redrooom. (Pronounced REDRUM.) And cat.




Three friends, three wines, and three MacBooks hanging out…


Sweetest fucking vintage chairs EVER.


Garden plot… which I have already weeded, worked, composted and today will sow. But there are chives and green onions already in place, like weeds – onions grow like weeds here! (This pic is *before*.. many *afters* to come…)


Picnic table and strawberry barrel in background…


And the neighborhood. This is the Division area just on the outskirts of Inner SE Portland. Meaning the border of Inner/Outer. Whatever. It’s like a belly button, where do you draw the line?


Portland’s famous Stumptown Coffee Roasters.


Yay! Corner Bar




The Egyptian Club is Portland foremost Dyke bar… just up the street. MUAHAH



Portland is famous for GOOD food served off of trucks… The best tofu tacos in all of town are just up my block:


My new yoga space:


Well loves, hope you have a nice image of my new life…….

I wanted to share this PostSecret, it made me laugh:


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One Response to Where have I been? I’ve been hoeing – but not the kind you think. Pictures pictures pictures of my house, my neighborhood…. luvA

  1. buddy says:

    must visit. looks like an Alex-type-town. I love you man.
    my life’s about to change as well. it will involve a motorcycle. and likely something south of the mason-dixon.
    your place looks amazing.

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