Alexander’s Home Sweet Home

What a whirlwind times can be.  It almost seems like just a minute ago I was standing on the street of San Francisco around Thanksgiving calling my various parents to say, “I’m doing it – I’m moving to Portland.”   Then came the wind down in LA, the sadness with those friends, the packing and cleaning and moving and trucking and cat sedating and road tripping again and again.

Friday night I rolled on into town in a truck with my life on it.  Saturday I unloaded that truck and reloaded it with Patrick’s stuff and unloaded that and it was all very head-spinning.  But by last night, I was drinking wine and cooking fish and feeling at home.  And an amazing home it is.

That’s my life.  Pictures TBA.

Suzy, I guess you are in LA?  Modeling and what else?  Will you see the Hollywood Hills photographer who loved Portland?  Can you get her email for me.


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