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I wasn’t even avoiding blogging, either.  Just distracted.  And you know how when you don’t really tune in much and a week goes by, then well shit fuck crap, it becomes harder to start something on here.

But: here is an updated situation…  It is my 18th day in Portland, Ore and I am totally in love with all parts of it and the new people all around.  And back with great friends.  Everything is laughter and fun and alive.  My friend and roomamate-t0-be-again and I have found the perfect house.  We were shooting for small, but we ended up with big.  Oops.  There is a room/attic for rent, so spread the work to any New Yorkers ready to relocate.  I do meet a lot of New Yorkers here, they seem to come and stay and the reason is usually something like “i wanted something small, a simpler life than ny”  Well this is sure it.

I have to relay this: The free paper recently voted for Portland Sexiest People and the sexiest man was the young guy from Brooklyn whose been here just a year or so. I looked him up online and found his blog and then came across this segment, which is my sentiment exactly:

i’ve been in portland for almost a week, and it’s been really fantastic.

everyone here treats everyone else as actual humans. strangers say “hi, how are you?” to passersby and give genuine smiles. bus drivers work patiently with old ladies, forgiving their broken english and figuring out which stop they need. people don’t feel uncomfortable leaving their laptops behind as they use the restroom, or leaving their doors unlocked at night.

drinking is big here. portland has more microbreweries per capita than any other city in the country–it also has more mac stores and resellers per capita–and everyone really adopts a laid-back approach to life. this is certainly a double-edged sword because i see the value of my type-a personality, but it’s nice to find a little joie de vivre after four years stressing out over nothing.

(from http://www.scottanthony.org/)

And people are very real here.  I got many-a-compliment for hanging out last night alone in the nearest dyke bar by my house.

The new place happens THIS weekend, and tomorrow, Suzy, I will be thinking of you and Ryan and us 3 months ago as I load up my truck in Carson City, NV and make another 2 day trip to the far north corner of this country.  LA seems far and long ago and that is sad.

After the weekend of madness and wine and music and unpacking and settling and decorating and rearranging and shopping for groceries and starting my garden, THEN I will take some pictures and tell you all about my house and my street and my neighborhood.

Loving you all from the cit of Beer and Apple Computers!

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One Response to HAPPY HAPPY POSTS. hello/hello/alexander

  1. Tess says:

    Just let me know when you’re ready for me, and I’m there. Would love to help you in your garden, since I want to start one in Nashville and don’t know where to begin. Love and miss you from LA.

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