saturday night alexander


Hello. Not that that means much, as I had a party night last night and am just chillin’ in my space for the night. Not sure what else to get myself into!  Last night was so fun that the jack I use to hook my laptop(music,movies,youtube) to the better stereo system BROKE off in the hole and now I have no sound unless I gingerly HOLD one wire to the jack stuck in the hole.  In a frantic to fix I’ve been to the Portland Apple Store, only to make myself an appointment for MONDAY! Fuck me, sound is my life!  I started at attempt to actually get in my car and drive 20 minutes to a mall outside of town who IS seeing people at the Genius Bar tonight.   I asked, “am I that desperate, and am I that attached to these things, these sounds?   Oh a little silence never killed anybody.   And did I really want to spend my first Saturday night in Portland on a Highway to a Mall in the Burbs for Tech Support.    HELL NO.

So here I sit, in the blankness.  Listening to the water run in the other room, to the flow of hot air from the old vent go on and off and a few noises from outside.  Portland is quiet, too.

But it is wonderful, and I feel it in a wonderful way!  So there’s that!

Being new anywhere is so clean and anonymous…. muahahah, only  a matter of time, now!

I like how clouds, sun, and rain stop and start, they give everything life and constant change…

There is a lesbian bar not to far from here, maybe I’ll drink a few and go there, for a sight.

AND, maybe I’ll relax in bed all night with my laptop, a movie, and my hand gingerly holding the wire to the jack, producing sound.

There is love here, look:


The Belmont Market, from “Apples to Zinfandel”.  Mmmmm

I sit here tonight, I have just eaten 1 AVOCADO
I have seen 2 houses
I have applied to 0 jobs
I have been to 2 coffee shops, 2 bars, and 2 restaurants, an thrown 2 impromptu  parties at my “house”.

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