HELLO HELLO HELLO! goodbye! /alexander/

Well, I understand you saying there is not much going on… I like that, and there is nothing to write and your bored on the internet and not feeling like sharing all the crap on the web!

I have A LOT going on!

It’s Thursday…  tomorrow I will make a last trip to the storage barn we packed in the snow 2 months ago.  I’m downsizing what I have here so I only have light car load to Portland.  I’m also going to AAA to hit them up for free maps because I’ll be driving in areas I need maps.. no iPhone will save me there.

Saturday my friend from SF comes for a couple nights… and Sunday is a big cocktail party at the house with my parents… its a belated birthday, a going away party for me, and a belated wake for the recently put-to-sleep cat you met, Claude.

and MONDAYMONDAYMONDAY… I fill up my car, my cat, my life and take off for Portland.  I’ll probably split the 12 hour drive into 2 days, not that I couldn’t make the haul, but I’d like to get in Tuesday at lunch and have the day to deal with my whole new world!

And, where am I going?  Not even to my friends until we get our house April… I’m going to live the month of march in this old house that for years has been running a vintage clothing company out of the building and is now downsizing so have turned a few offices back into bedrooms for temporary stays… will be like a month in a cool hotel with cool business owners and still kitchen, etc…. so great!

This came today……..  these people must be in love with their jobs, but also pretty bored during the other 11 months of the year….. yes, it’s only 6 months to Burning Man 09.

OK, you ready for this?  You sitting down?  In a mere matter of DAYS,
it’s going to be the Burnal Equinox.  That’s our (possibly overly-
clever) name for the exact midpoint between Burns.  So think about
that … while it seems like just yesterday we were huffing copious
amounts of playa dust (not entirely by choice), here we are suddenly,
fast approaching the proverbial hump day of the Burnal Year.  After
the 28th, it’s full speed ahead down the other side of the slope,
hurtling inexorably back towards Black Rock City.

Frankly, in the midst of all this daunting news about the global
economy, when it feels like things are spinning out of control,
Burning Man can start to feel small in the grand scheme of
priorities.  But this is exactly when Burning Man becomes more
relevant than ever.  If nothing else, the experience of Black Rock
City reminds us that we’re capable of standing undaunted in the face
of challenge, cultivating creativity in the teeth of necessity, and
reinventing ourselves to go beyond limitations that are discovered to
be merely figments of the imagination, as we learn to survive — and
thrive — in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

Isn’t that kind of beautiful?

I’ve been playing too much with my iPhone.. so here are some things….

NO APOSTROPHES!   HAHA, so rural Nevada!


What the fuck is this supposed to be???  Legal, liquid coke?


And then is always my friend…..


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