modern medicine (by alex)


I haven’t been posting because my dad’s been in the hospital… ambulance ride yesterday as I followed.  A scary ride, but upon seeing him “Dad, what the fuck?”.  “Oh, you know I just felt like a ride in an ambulance”.    Really, was some chest pain that turned out to be very little of anything wrong.  The family has GREAT hearts, by the way.

SPent the past days in and out of there, helping eat the yucky food and watching the economy fall apart on TV.  Its been actually not bad.  But, I tell you, older people like my dad complain so much about how awful the doctors and nurses are and nobody gives a shit about you and I had to explain, this is MODERN MEDICINE.  There are far too many people on this planet for western medicine to be anything personal.  Long over are the days of knowing your doctor, or him coming to you house.  Long over is all that.  To, us, its just the people who know how to work the machines that fix us.  And that is it.  They might be nice, sweet, caring, but they are there to plug us back in when we break.  And then charge us a lot for it.


Anyway, I eat green stuff so, I’ll be fine, eh?

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