Dear Suzy on the road <3Alexander

Enjoying Seattle?  Are you alone?  If you need a friend, I know 2 different wonderful boys from my days on the road.  Let me know and I will put you in touch.  One works for Whole Foods, Inc.! 

It’s a snowy, snowy couple days in Virginia City.   

Today brought a Monday-after-a-magical-weekend-with-friends depression – Sheena (London) and Dilan were in from SF and a total drive time of 20 hours with the snow.  I must be something special.   And I got the greatest Valentine’s card from them….


(Handmade by Sheena and available to buy here.)

and the note inside…..

...the medicine, the hope, the blood, the fear, the trust, the crush, the work, the loss, the love, the test, the birth, the end, the finale, the design in the stars is the same in our hearts…  so love, you should know what to look for & exactly where to go… 

Amazing life.  Weekends spent driving in the snow and drinking bloody mary’s and hotels and casinos, jumping on beds and getting naked in hot tubs….  perfection, it is.



And now…. very little.  A quiet cat sleeps on the bed and the wind blows snow in circles and past my windows.  A drink at the Gold Hill Hotel, anyway?  It is a warm firepit of people and fun.  

I can’t wait to hear about your thoughts on Seattle.  I smile when I think that part of the world is the next I get to explore.  And you and Leah will be to Portland by summer… 

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