Suzy, f/Alex

This is on the top of the screen:

We will be making some code changes in about 37 hours which will log you out of your account. They should only take a few seconds and you should be able to log in afterwards without any problems. 

How do they know, exactly 37 hours?  What a weird number.    
“Suzy, I will call you in 42 and a half hours.  ok?”

What’s in a Friday?

Well, it’s a night we think is overrated.

I have built a wood fire.  I’m learning more and more.  Remember how I shoved it onto Ryan, the man, to deal with?

The cat is mad at me. (He ripped my fav cowboy shirt and I fucking thew him.  ass.)

Sheena and Dilan are on their way from San Francisco.  It should take 4ish hours to get to my house.  They left at 2.  It’s nearing 11.  Why?  A huge snow hit Donner Pass in CA (where the Donner Pass ate themselves!).  They had to pt on chains and I had to stay sober and order Mexican so they have food and wine when they finally get here.  No snow here.  Yet.

I am slowly learning to LOVE putting iTunes on shuffle.  Belle and Sebastian just came on.  It’s like it knows what I should be listening to.  These are the lyrics I hear repeated right now:
If I could do just one near perfect thing I’d be happy.
They’d write it on my grave, or when they scattered my ashes.
On second thoughts, I’d rather hang around and be there with my best friend,
If she wants me. 

That first line, man.  IF I COULD DO JUST ONE PERFECT THING, I’D BE HAPPY… and I think he means that the perfect thing to do, IS be happy.  Yeah?

Lastly, I’m so glad I’m on Model Mayhem.  What an ordeal, but I’m on now and maybe I’ll make money, or get famous, or just make art, or get naked.  Whatever.  It’ll all make me happy!

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