6:30AM, earthquake – from A

Shit, I woke up early today and had no ability to go back to dreamworld.  This was some kind of noise, and after Sunday’s early morning debacle…..  had I mentioned that?  No, I was too busy later that day with the crazy Victorian-costume people.

Well, Sunday I was very hungover and there was a knock on the door before 7AM.  A stranger.  And I’m in my underwear and without glasses.  He tells me I should know there is some seismic activity on the mountaintop behind my house.  (Remember the house does sit just at the edge of a clif into that mining pit.  Behind that, Mt. Davidson, sits – pictures in this post.).   I wasn’t to interested in his news because it sounded made-up and I was too tired to care.  I suppose I figure if there was about to be a quake, I’d rather be in the warm bed with my cat.  

Later, my stepmom comes to the door, more about 10.  Have I heard the popping and creaking?, she wanted to know.  Oh, so this is for real?  I get semi-dressed and go outside.  There is a CROWD of townies on the land next to/behind my house just STARING up at the hilltop.  What the hell?

Well, I guess everyone but me (the guy closest) heard this mountain popping and creaking all morning and all were awaiting either a landslide or earthquake or something.  Oh, the west.  

The event faded away and people got on with their day after nothing more happened.  My scientist father next door didn’t hear anything either, but he claims that these fools are making too big a deal out of some temperature changes up in the mountains.  Hey a few days of snow and then a sunny Sunday morning, wouldn’t some big rocks be shifting around some?   

I believe him.

Yet, this morning, a weird noise.  And this mountain is what I see from my bedroom window upon awakening every morning living here.   

I’m blaming it on a truck though.

Also, isn’t it proven that cats and dogs sense these kind of events and run around in circles first??  How come mine doesn’t even raise his face from tucked under his fluff.  

Forget about it!

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