Temperatures dropped HERE, and snow dropped to the ground overnight.   You can always tell i it snowed overnight in my bedroom earl in the morning wearing no glasses because the room is a bright pinkish white, instead of it’s usual blue sky yellow glow.

I went walking today and will post some pictures later today.

For now I’m inside double-warm-socked and listening to Vince Guaraldi very loud to drown out that HMMMMMBRRRRRHHHMMMMMRRR  whir of the old-school electric space heater.  

And to stay extra warm, I made some SPICY VEGGIE SOUP!!!

a box of veggie stock
a handful of any kind of presoaked beans
a handful of couscous, dry
a sliced carrot
a small-medium rutabaga
a handful of cabbage
a half an onion
2-3 cloves of garlic  
a big hit of crushed red pepper, as much as you can stand
coriander, pepper

get the veggie stock boiling with carrots, beans, and couscous
add everything as you freshly chop it, which gets all the flavors released into the broth
and add the crushed chili early on, so the broth gets nice and spicy
once boiling a few minutes, simmer on low a good 10-15 minutes…….

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