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Well snow in NY, eh?  It’s ironic that I used to spend so much time responding to weather blogs with “well I’m in LA and it’ nice”.  Of sorts.  And here I am living in the mountains.  At a high elevation.  And it’s February and we are having FREAKISHLY warm nice weather.  No snow.  Sunshine.  50s.   Cool.   What will I bring to Portland, a drought?

You know something, I LIKE talking about the weather.  For all the complaint that “weather talk” is very trivial and boring and filler, I actually enjoy it. My dad always asks, “What’s the temp over there?”   I think something about the West is Weather.  Here, it matters and effects you.  This is a place where the settlers LIVED the weather and what it meant.  Anyplace rural, as well.   A city can overcome anything, but out here, the weather controls how and what you do with your day.  And what summer will be like.  And I like hearing about snow in NYC – how romantic! – And my fancy phone gives me great weather reports and I check them daily.  Not only check my local weather, but there is a list of the cities in my cell phone that I have daily interest in the weather.  

(one thing to know is i love my phone and it’s toys.  i regularly update it and the cities i list.  ie,  i moved my locale to the top after leaving la and also deleted santa monica and burbank, but kept LA)  the cities adn their temps and why:

virginia city, nv – 32 – i am here
reno – 47 – it’s the closest city
portland – 40 – i’m moving there
san francisco – 57 – it’s my city
los angeles – 65 – the best weather (oops)
new york – 19 – (ew) – you are there, family is there, love is there, i’m not there!
bangor, pa – 16 – (UH!) – mom is there
gerlach, nv  – 48 – BURNING MAN IS THERE!
jackson, wy – 0 – (FUCKING ZERO) – i was born there
wellington, new zealand – 68 – the farthest i have traveled is there
london – 32 –  well, london!

And that’s my top weather cities in order on my phone.  What do you think? 

 It brings us all together, doesn’t it?  We ALL know what rain is; snow, wind.  We can all imagine what it is like anywhere, if we know the weather report.  Like Simon and Garfunkel sing, “I got all the news I need on the weather report..”    That’s ALL that matters.  whether the world is raining or not.

I wanted to tell you about laughing out loud in Whole Foods in Reno today.  I love that there is a WF there and I go whenever I can.  Just because it is familiar territory.  Health Food.  Good Food.  Expensive, reminds me of CALIFORNIA.  And I love it!   I went in today and had lunch and poked around and I noticed that FOR RENO, NEVADA, there are a hell of a lot of young, good-looking people wondering around in there.  All these cute produce boys in tight jeans and hippie girls with dreads and tattoos and people whole look like they GO to burning man and lesbians and hip healthy scruffy mountain men.    I LOVE IT THERE!  It’s so beautiful with all those beautiful people.  MY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, HEALTHY PEOPLE!.    I thought to myself, too bad there isn’t a BAR in whole foods.  For after hours.  Organic wines and vodka and all these cool people chatting.  I guess this is because seeing THIS MANY of THOSE PEOPLE at ONCE in RENO, is amazing.  And I ask, where are they all when they aren’t in Whole Foods on Wednesday morning and where do they go at night so I can come?!???


One more thing today, I realized I love it when I fart and the cat gets startled.

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