SUZY SUZY FEEL BETTER I LOVE YOU HATE YOU ARE SICK.  im no perfect boy, but here is my current health regime, see if any of it helps you.. i’ve been trying to log more of this stuff so it becomes more permanent into my life.   btw:  get bragg’s unfiltered organic vinegar… and i suggest just taking a shot of it every day when you think followed by a big glass of water.   when i try to drink it diluted with water its like drink a glass of vinegar and kinda painful… but a straight shot hits you the same way booze does and gives you kind of a rush.  just have water after so no indigestion.    ALSO, you now those natural menthol kind of oils that are in a tube and you just sniff it or rub the oil under your eyes and around your sinuses… they are amazing.  if you dont know what i mean i can get a name for you.  

stuff i eat

grapefruit or orange juice – 1 serving/day

apple cider vinegar – 1 oz, day

milk thistle seed extract – 600 mg / day

flax oil 

flax seed .5 oz/day

raw garlic – 1 clove day in any form 

hemp seeds on salads, etc – omega 3’s…

berries every day

flax seeds in salad, shakes

peppermint, green tea

licorice root tea at night

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