changing tires for drag queens – by alexander

I just had to retell a story that I heard tonight at the Gold Hill Hotel just a town (1/2 mile away) here in NV:

While discussing different great cities and stuff, this woman that I have always known told me about her first trip to San Francisco in 1963, when she was 19.   (19 in 1963- awesome!).  She told me that her and 2 girlfriends went over to SF for the weekend and it was thier first time alone in “the big city”.   She said they were standing one night in front of City Lights Books (the one famous for being a beatnik hangout) and they noticed on the corner were 4 drag queens in full gowns and wigs and make up and a little stubble.  They were bitching because they had just gotten a flat tire and they didn’t know what to do.  The lady from here said, “hey, we’re girls from Nevada-we know how to change a fucking tire”.  And they did.  Change the tire for the drag queens in 1963.  

The drag queens bought them a drink!

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