playing catch up {from alexander}

Dear Suzy….  we both went missing.  

It’s funny when we both go missing, maybe especially for everyday readers, but I think more so for ourselves..  sometimes when I’m especially busy but still near a computer I will check in on ANDWELOVE to see what you are saying… and low and behold, you’ve been off and and about as well. 


In a nutshell how was watching the first African-American take the oath of office?

How was the crowd?

How was the cold?

How was our pal, David?

How could you STAND that crowd?

How did you move in that crowd?

Did you see Obamarama in your line of sight, or only on the screens?

How drunk and happy were people?


Well I spent a few days and nights in San Francisco.  I was there for the inauguration hoopla, but I was having more fun with friends the night before and slept through all the TV mishmash…  not to mention most people in San Francisco don’t have televisions, so I wasn’t all to blame.  And I spent later that night of it all watching TV on bunny ears with a friend drinking vodka and making fun of all the sillyness.   I did catch some of the “night-before” show and the fact that I saw Jack Black on the screen, and then Sheryl Crow with some rapper, I couldn’t help it but walk away.  It must have been more fun to be there.   

No offense Obama.    I think I just don’t like television.


I am back to Virginia City.  The unusually beautiful weather during most of January has slightly turned.  We are in a super fog now and have been for a day or so.  It’s been said these serious fogs could stay a while sometimes.  It’s quite eerie.  But at 6500 feet elevation, I suppose it’s not unusual to BE IN a cloud for a week every now and then.   I kind of like the brisk, the moisture, it prepares me for Oregon, I suppose.    Things are quiet here.  


MILK received EIGHT Oscar nominations!!! And I have to say after 3 years in “Hollywood” and a somewhat jaded side to the whole award crap that goes on so much in that industry, I am THRILLED.  Not as much for the idea a really good movie might end up gaining some people a heavy gold statue, but MORE because it becomes much more likely now that the film will go into even wider release and be on screens in smaller areas.  Had I previosuly blogged how disappointed in Focus Features when I realized I couldn’t take my mom to the movie.  And she lives between Allentown and Stroudsburg, PA.  Come, on!

Anyone with much interest in this story and this film, do take a look at this amazing collection of photos and stories by photographer and friend of Harvey, Dan Nicoletta.  Stunning.  Amazing times in San Francisco we sure did miss!



I’m not sure I know much about Twitter.  I have read of it’s significance in many places, including the New York Times huge magazine on modern technology and its affect on society…  I know it is somewhat like a simple, minute to minute blog.  I even hear Obama uses it.  Nothing interests me about it though, for some reason.  I think I am addicted enough to email and to gmail and a little big of text messaging and I am happy with those already annoying addictions! You’ll have to tell me if it is totally worth it for me – the guy that is hiding out in the mountains of Nevada??


Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.
  – Jules Renard

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