NOW THIS PART ///alexander

Remember Eric?  

<<<<We (you) found 55 bucks on the side of the road outside Death Valley and we ate sushi with it.  And yes, I mailed the Eric dude his ID, credit cards, and FAKE.  I wrote him a note “found your stuff on th side of 395 south of Bishop, CA..   NICE FAKE, HAPPY NEW YEAR”…  haha, I didn’t say “thanks for the mediocre sushi”  Also, my dad found a GREAT New Yorker cartoon and we sent it to “Eric”  It was an alien stopping on earth in his spaceship and looking out the door to earth staring at a wallet on the ground saying, “I knew I left my wallet right here”.  Weird. I hope Eric in LA, who isn’t really even 21, enjoys this dry sense of humor from the NYer magazine. >>>>>

He wrote back!




I love it!  

Hope Eric is out there in LA somewhere drinking up with his “things” we returned to him….



And by the way,


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