I love milk thistle and I love suzy (by A)

THANK YOU SUZY for recommending Milk thistle seed to me when we talked about good diet, balance, health and alcohol.  I have invested in some from Whole Foods yesterday and feel GREAT!

Just look at this text about it…


Milk Thistle: Benefits and Side Effects

A short, wide, prickly plant known as milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is the source of a popular herbal remedy that is widely used to detoxify the body and to treat liver disease. Milk thistle seed extract has been shown to have antioxidant properties that help the liver function and stay healthy.

As the name suggests, this herbal remedy is derived from the seeds of the milk thistle plant. Many people take milk thistle seed extract as protection from environmental toxins, such as second hand smoke. People with liver disease, including hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice and inflamed liver, use the herb to protect and regenerate that vital organ.

Milk thistle seed extract contains active compound known as flavonolignans, which can protect the cells of the liver from toxins as well as encourage cleansing and detoxification. When damage has already been done to liver cells, milk thistle can stimulate protein synthesis, thereby helping the liver to repair injury and generate new cells.

Milk thistle seed extract protects the liver from a variety of common toxins, including alcohol, pesticides, heavy metal poisoning, pollution, and medications of all kinds. It has been used for more than two thousand years for medicinal purposes, and its use as a detoxifying agent and treatment for liver disease is well validated by research.

Milk thistle seed extract is an excellent tonic for anyone under stress. It is also useful for people who use alcohol, recreational drugs, performance drugs such as anabolic steroids, as well as prescription medications. In addition, anyone living in a heavily polluted environment can benefit from supplements of milk thistle seed extract. The herb has a gentle detoxifying effect, and its ability to increase bile secretion and flow in the intestines makes it effective as a mild laxative. Milk thistle seed extract can regulate bowel function as well, making it useful for people who alternate between diarrhea and constipation.

Special hybrid seeds are usually used to prepare herbal supplements of milk thistle seed extract. Supplements should be standardized to contain 70-80% of a class of flavonolignans known as silymarin. Silymarin is a powerful antioxidant that is ten times as potent as vitamin E. Three compounds in the silymarin class, silybinin, silydianin and silychristin are the specific substances that produce therapeutic effects in preparations of milk thistle seed extract.

The active ingredients can be extracted with alcohol to produce a tincture, or pills can be prepared using the seeds. Milk thistle teas made from bulk seed are also available, but very little of the active ingredient is present in steeped teas. The recommended daily dosage of milk thistle seed extract is 140 to 420 mg in tablet form. This should be divided into two or three smaller doses. Tinctures of milk thistle seed extract should be mixed with water or juice according to instructions on the package. Tinctures can also be taken directly under the tongue.

Few side effects have been reported from the use of milk thistle seed extract, though the tablets sometimes cause stomach irritation. A mild laxative effect has been reported as well, but this is often a desired effect of treatment with milk thistle seed extract. The herb is considered safe for, and has long been used by, pregnant women, though it may still be advisable for them to consult a physician before using it. There are no known druginteractions with milk thistle seed extract.

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5 Responses to I love milk thistle and I love suzy (by A)

  1. Ruud says:

    Wonderfull. The plant appearance is beauty. Must be test for beating my stress. Hope that it work fine.. 🙂

  2. Ted Burrett says:

    Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that man from that chat who told me to go to your site 🙂

  3. Thank for your useful information on the milk thistle. I’m interesting the liver detoxification by use milk thistle but I’m not sure in side effects, if I use it.

  4. herbal remedies and supplements is most healthy to me. Because herbal supplements is natural.
    Thanks. Dennise

  5. Dorothea Pallerino says:

    I really like milk thistle because it can help the liver recover its damaged parts. Milk thistle is particularly useful among alcoholics.:,;.;

    Hope This Helps! http://foodsupplementdigest.com/fish-oil-supplements/

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