local love?, by A

This is amusing, Suzy… I know we briefly (you, Ryan, and I) discussed our various levels of interest in online porn when we visited, but I wanted to share this sillyness.  On some sites, the site knows your location based on your computers IP address and will have pop ads asking you if you want to hang out with somebody in: Los Angeles, Reno, *Insert local area here*…  but a friend of mine just told me that his IP function doesn’t work, so he is constantly presented with ads like this:

Hey! Are you horny?  I feel like going out.
Wanna do something in United States?

Makes me laugh, because in a sense.. isn’t it what the internet makes the world into? 

So, Suzy.. if you get bored and lonely tonight.  If you just feel like a friend and a red cup of vodka, then, surely meet me, in, United States.

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