wishing yesterday… by alexander

Suzy, Just like your birthday is Oct 7 and shares at least 3 close people I know with the birthday, the next busiest day is Jan 10… yesterday..  and 2 close friends and 1 distant (?) friend share that day, so it is oddly important to me.  BUT, since I got drunk last night and called a lot of people, I was WISHING today that my cell phone would indicate in “recent calls” if I called and got voice mail, or if I called and talked with these people I supposedly dialed.  cause my memory isn’t clear enough to know if we SPOKE or not.  It just fucking says that I attempted to call….. not fair.  C’mon iPhone, tell me more… did I talk to anyone?… did we say I LOVE YOU… WHAT?  TELL ME?

SUZY!  Guess what…?!?!  Next weekend I am driving to San Francisco and just so timely and perfect, LEAH will be coming back from South Korea and spending a day in San Fran !!  WooHoo…  

Happy Sunday Stuff….  


here’s a hilarious POSTSECRET :



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