Last day of the year, what Alex is doing. By Alexander.

YES!  Suzy, you will be here in hours.  I bet you wrote that last post before we spoke on the phone, but I know the foreign airport syndrome .   I am very excited and relaxed about nearly everything… I only concern for my cat, who has never been on long car rides or moved houses before.  And I concern for my truck packing time, I feel I made EVERYTHING. TOO. TOO. HEAVY.    

This is my strange surrounding this day in time.


I don’t even have to bother with any New Years Resolutions, for my entire life and character is somewhat of one, and my surroundings as well.  I do resolve to leave in each moment wherever I may be and to make the best of it and be healthy.   That sounds so boring.  I’ll have a glass of wine, too.  Ok.

I think we will have a great party in the Hollywood Hills (adjacent) tomorrow night, and we will have a wonderful ride North to Virginia City, NV where the sun is shinning great and we can really see the other side.  !


HAPPY HAPPY DAYS TO ALL…  I will love you on the other side next week!

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