Suzy, check out “Some of the things they said were good for us..”

And re:below.  You don’t ALWAYS have free will, sometimes SHIT HAPPENS and you gotta roll with it.  But I must admit, I’d want to stab myself if I were stranded in such a public shopping area during this mad week.

The Week Magazine published 2008’s unusual GOOD FOR YOU LIST:

MAGNETS – Scientists demonstrated this year that magnetic fields increase blood flow and reduce swelling, It’s now possible to treat some bumps and with a magnet rather tan ice pack…

POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT boosts your brain power…..

CHARITY is good for the world AND your own self esteem and mood.

FASTING can help cancer patients deal with chemo… as well as jet lag: Research shows that when you don’t eat before and during an overnight flight, it suspends your body’s sense of time and once you land and eat a meal you reset your body’s clock…

BOTTLING UP YOUR FEELINGS is actually a useful strategy for getting over a traumatic event.  Studies find that for some people, pushing away memories can be more therapeutic than talking about it..

MAGIC MUSHROOMS might just make you a happier, more spiritual person.  John Hopkins researchers found that years after taking the hallucinogenic drug, subjects were still effected by their experience… 61% felt that they were better people- more loving, open, and happy…

GOOD SMELLS give you pleasant dreams.. even in deep sleep, the world around you can flavor the dream world.  We need to start putting lavender lotion on our faces at night kids!

WHITE WINE is finally getting credit it deserves… It is found to contain the same heart protective chemicals as red.  


So, hope that helps everyone.  I’m trying to look at the list and consider how we throw a party to include it all… a white wine, mushroom party where we celebrate Obama’s win as we donate money to UNICEF and talk about the world and love but NOT about our personal problems.  We don’t eat and we all go to sleep next to roses.   And something with magnets.


I feel it would look something like THIS, and I LOVE ITTTTTT!!!!

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