NYT, Booze, and Shoes… by alex

YES YES SUZY!  I read that article online bout the lack of drunkeness in the NY socialite scene.  Would you say it applies to your life?  It seems a little strange, but I do get it.  I noticed it as well in the Hollywood world.  I missed out on the times of martini lunches and after-long-day-parties, etc.   It reminds me of a person I met years before starting my time in the TV biz – I was seeing a guy who worked in advertising and we met in Napa where he was on a photo shoot.  The guy doing hair for it all happened to have been one of the hair stylists on “Friends”. Of course I was in awe, this mini celeb factor excited me… I asked something about partying on the set and he replied, “No, no, I never have more than one drink at work related things, you just shouldn’t drink like that there.”    I thought WHAT!?!?!?   But alas, it was somewhat true in my experience.  Yes there was some drunken times for most of us, but I did notice the industry itself was fairly sober.  Yes, everyone drank but no one got drunk and no body smoked.    LAME.  Maybe THAT’S why I’m leaving.  HAHA.

And, did you know the NYTIMES.com had a blog on alcohol and society anyway?  Proof.   Hmmm.





Check this site out….   we should ALL throw(send) a pair of shoes to George at the White House before he leaves!….


Send yourshoe to the man who should never havebeen our president. We encourage you to write down YOUR reason, put it in your old dirty shoe, and throw it via mail to:

“President” Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW 
Washington, D.C. 20500

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