Dear Suzy, when will it stop?



Oh, me; on-the-go-me.  

Vagabond of sorts.

              1: moving from place to place without a fixed home, wandering 
              2 a: of, relating to, or characteristic of a wanderer 
                 b: leading an unsettled, irresponsible, or disreputable life


(I’m responsible!)

Anyway, its a very rainy Los Angeles week.  Very rare but I just take a deep breathe and realize this is what I AM getting into, isn’t it now!?  

Tomorrow morning I’m headed into Philadelphia.  I keep having to think, “where and why am I going?”  Because of my tendency not to spend much time in stores or watching much tv, in addition to being a single gay man in L.A., in addition to being TOTALLY preoccupied by CHANGE. MOVE. LEAVING HERE, GOING THERE… Well, Christmas has totally slipped of my radar.  Which is fine, really.  And I wrote my big bah humbug story this time last year, so no need to elaborate.  I am not so much bah humbug, just living a pretty quiet life that doesn’t really involve shopping or eating meat and cake.    Doesn’t that actually define most Holidays?    Buying stuff and eating meat and cake.  I think it is actually!  

So my beloveds, enjoy the start of the best week of the year! (Because not many people have to work.)  I will be in the beautiful Kutztown, PA for the weekend having celebrations that at the homestead in Roseto, PA for Xmasdays.  

And you, SUZY, I will see just after that day here in LA.  Too bad we couldn’t all drink gin and tonics on the same flight!

Tonight, I’ll be dreaming of airports, once again……..  

world_map_wallpaper2  …………this is my hometown, I’m starting to realize.

map-united-states  ………….and this my house.



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