joshua tree and boxes, by alexander


HI SUZY!  See you, see you soon! (And Ryan!)  I love how you so deeply apologized to me for asking for a loose itinerary for your time here.  I know I seem so anti-time/space, when it comes to packing/moving/life change, I’m fairly obsessive compulsive.  I spend many hours planning out the most efficient plan of attack.  Once your travel info came into my databases, we put together an extensive and detailed schedule…

Well, I happily survived just one night out in the Joshua Tree Desert, 2.5 hours east of Los Angeles.  The temperatures were high of 50’s low of 25 degrees.  YES, it was fucking COLD, FREEZING, KILLER at night and we survived only by fire, whiskey, and fun.  It wasn’t too much warmer at 7am when I got up for the last bit of the sunrise.  But walking around gets you warm and hiking through one of the most obscure landscapes I have ever scene is well worth it all.  After homemade omelet and LOADS of bacon, we set out to see….   click to enlarge.



These adventures make me so, so, so excited to go be a mountain man in Oregon….

Speaking of ALL THAT…   tomorrow night, anyone LAlove, please join me for a final evening in Los Angeles at BIGFOOT LODGE in Atwater Village..!  (That’s Tuesday at 8)…


Life just gets stranger and stranger.  I’m now back to the house, which doesn’t seem like home, and I’m starting to pack, box, shift, trash, delete, box, pack, carry, box   all, all the STUFF.  Isn’t it amazing how much STUFF there is, and how much of it really doesn’t matter.  You never want to throw something out until you have to ask yourself:  Do I like this enough to pack it in a box and pay to move it 1,000 miles.   This is the furthest move I’ve made since Philly to Tahoe.  And that was just my carfull.  I actually enjoy doing this an getting in order.  It reminds me of my love for the circus and carnival…  my 3 year run in the LA circus has come to an end and now it’s time to pack up the tent and stage and rings and take it all apart and load it on a truck and send it off to a new show in a new city.

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