dayrunner accessories. by A

So, there are so many little things of interest that arise when you are packing your life up.  Coincedentally, I was at stupid Staples today to get some boxes and I decided to pick up the 2009 refill for my Day Runner Planner..  I have had this same scruffy planner for years and continue to buy the blank monthly refills.  When I took out the 2008 pages (I just use the “monthly view”) I bundled them together and wondered what to do with them?  Toss em’?  I remembered I saved the years before somewhere, and maybe even before that I had saved a “used” year.  I started to poke around and found 2007s, then 2006 then 04 and 05.  I guess I have been saving those 12 pages of paper each year somewhere different.  I put them together and sat flipping through pages of my “monthly life view”, 2004 through now.  The different jobs, trips, dates I am reminded of.  When I met certain people, when they went away.  When a job ended cause I see I set up interviews.  And vacations…  New Zealand.  Mexico.  Spain, London, all the trips.   And when so many different friends have visited me on my journeys.  “Jill arrives on the 11th.”  

With all the new crazy technology, as everything becomes digital, I’m so very glad I am keeping a very simple but REAL HARD testament to my goings on, even if they are just calendars of dates and times and places.

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