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Well!  Friends!  WELCOME TO  Why didn’t we do this so long ago, Suzy.  And it was only $20 to make it happen.  We should register more good things, more domains!  

Change your bookmarks, tell your friends! 


I haven’t written in a week.  I’ve been reading us though and checking in and dealing with our new domain name and fixing up our silly graphics.  Also, I’ve been drunk and laughing in Portland and San Francisco, enjoying every moment and every person and every smile and trying to sort out my life, my future, my shit.


After a lovely 3 years in Los Angeles and Sunny Southern California.  After the really rad jobs on film and tv sets, after the respected celebrities and artists I got to work with, after so many beautiful friends and so many beautiful meals and beautiful yoga classes together.  After visits from so many old friends.  After this wonderful house in Echo Park, my wonderful kitchen, after my yummy garden.  After childhood dreams came true as I walked the major Hollywood studio lots.  After the palm trees, the hipsters, after the sun and the beach, after the road trips, the roommates, the yard parties (with the famous), after the warmth and the love and the great fucking time, after it all,

I am on for the change!  The Change!  The New!  

You’ve all followed my wacky year all over the place.  To PA, to NY, to SF, to Portland, to NV, to Mexico, to it all, you have all heard the endless desires of my finding something simpler.  And my finding Portland, Oregon after good friends moved there last fall.  It seems the time has come to follow the Universe and her potential plans for me.   That, or perhaps I just have the 3 year itch to see something new.  It’s nearly 3 years since I left San Francisco to come get famous in Hollywood.  Well I didn’t get famous, but I got to see the city and the film industry for what it is and as you said to me Suzy, I got to know all the secrets.  That in itself seems to complete in me a long-time interest in this world…… 

I can’t help to mention the obviously poor economy.  The lack of work for so many of us.  It is a real motivation to do something useful, to find something else.  I love the film industry, but as it dries up slowly and as reality-tv takes over and mainly, as I begin to not like the real side of the industry and as I feel like I’m pouring money into a big, expensive city that I don’t get much out of but friends and good weather.  (No offense to friends and good weather.)

So, after a few months stay with the old Dad up in the Nevada mountains, I’m headed in the Springtime to beautiful Portland.  PORTLAND! PORTLAND!  Let’s all come to Portland!

I’m thrilled to be in a new place, to learn new streets, to meet new people.  I’m excited to go to the “greenest” city in our nation and 3rd in the world.  I’m thrilled to once again get out of my car and back on the bus and back on a bike.  I’m excited to find new kinds of work (politics, culinary school?)  They have a GAY mayor!  They have immaculate streets.  And I know, I know, the rain.  Well, I figure after 3 sunny years in Los Angeles, don’t I deserve a little weather.  It’s actually exciting me to see clouds and rain in the forecast.  “What, what’s happening?” I’ll be thinking my first few days with rain!  

The world has been stalking me with signs for this change.  Everyday I’ve seen Oregon license plates no matter where I have been (including Ohio, but not in Mexico!).   The timing is right, the money is right (like half the rent, OKAY!), the magic is right.  (Speaking of magic: my famous magician great-uncle, my namesake “Alexander: The Man Who Knows” has a very small collection of old posters and artifacts floating around out there since his death in the 50s.  Well, what do I find in a coffeeshop loo just outside my friend’s apartment in SE Portland?)



I know it’s a bathroom.  But this is a famous, rare poster.  It’s like he’s back from his death telling me I’m in the right place.  Portland, not the bathroom.  But it is a lovely cafe.  Portland is full of lovely cafe’s and pubs and parks.  These are all things also in Los Angeles, but I haven’t seen much of it as I don’t like getting in my car.

(And yes, that man is my great-great-uncle.  I’ll tell you ALL about it sometime soon – he taught Houdini, a more household name.)

Well, I’m packing up my things, my books, my kitchen, my cat, my bed and my happiness into boxes and headed out by the end of the month!  

AND Suzy, you definitely come on the moving adventure.  We could have so much fun on the road with my cat taking pictures!


I’d like to stop talking about myself for just a moment and talk about Ancient China.  What about ancient China?  

From the Chicago Sun:

Researchers say they’ve found the world’s oldest stash of marijuana in a tomb in a remote part of China. The cannabis was in the grave of a shaman or holy man and was clearly “cultivated for psychoactive purposes” rather than for fiber or as food, researchers say. It is the oldest example of cannabis being used as a drug and reportedly had a high THC content, the main psychoactive ingredient in the plant. It is not clear if the cannabis would have been smoked or taken orally. No pipes or other clues were found in the tomb of the 45-year-old shaman. The 789 grams of dried cannabis was buried alongside a light-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian man, a member of the Gushi culture based around Turpan in northwestern China. The cannabis was in such good condition due to the region’s dry conditions and alkaline soil that acted as a preservative.


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