Dearest Suzanne… I had a dream. By Alexander

I had a dream last night, in my brief couple of hours of rest before leaving for the airport.  It was about you and me and we owned a small store.  Like a gift shop, cafe.  I can’t remember what we called it, I remember it was a dumb name and I wanted it to be AND WE LOVE.  duh.  We sold high end foodie items like capers from spain and really nice garlic crushing products, etc.  It was so cute and so were you, I think we were somewhere in central California.  Then OF COURSE, part of the dream is me MISSING MY FLIGHT TO PORTLAND and having to deal with rescheduling.  The Southwest girl, who somehow was face-to-face with me, seemed to bribe me for getting on a booked flight if I gave her some of the nice cheeses and such from our shop.  Then I had to pee, I woke to pee, I peed and it was still dark out.  And it was already fucking 5:17 and time to get moving.  I didn’t get to finish the dream.  

So, the Sacramento airport is the only one I’ve experienced with free Wi-Fi.  Every other place has made deals with TMobile or such and charges you.  This is not good though, because I would be reading right now and am instead on fucking line, like I don’t have enough of that in my life.  

Lastly, can I just make a complaint.  Are people really mostly stupid?!  I mean, am I that much more intelligent than your average person.  I’m listening to a girl go on and on complaining that she doesn’t check bags and so it bugs her she has to buy her favorite face wash time and again when she travels.  Apparently the first thing she does when she lands in a new city is rush to CVS for her favorite face wash.  That damn 3oz rule, man!    Hold up girl, don’t they make EMPTY 3 oz containers?  I mean, I’m truly sure they do.  And can’t you or maybe have a friend help you pour some of that blessed face wash through, maybe a funnel?  I feel like I should say something to her so she stops wasting her money.   I’ll keep my mouth shut though, I don’t even wash my face when I’m traveling. 

Flight 2208, service to Portland now boarding.

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