milk me and portland and san fran and tears, by alexander

SUZY!  You should be my assistant right now.  No, more like sidekick.  Just come to LA today! Can you come today…??  it’s warm but brisk and just beautiful.  Then you could come see MILK with me tonight and then to Portland tomorrow.  Let me cook you up a veggie Thanksgiving storm, then we get drunk through the weekend then head on Monday morning to San Francisco and we’ll just continue our job and life search from the cafe’s there instead of here.   Come come come come.   

I love your post. I love letting the sober people worry bout the rest.

So, anyway, HI!   HI hi !  

I’m sitting this cloudyish day again in LA and all is superb.  Isn’t it always, really.  The nature of ourselves is that in any moment all is superb.   What else could it be?

Also superb is being part of the Hollywood business, even if from the outskirts of actually having a job.  Tonight I get to attend the Producer’s Guild showing of Milk.  I’ve posted the preview time and again but click and watch it again, it brings me to tears.  YAY FOR NORI!!!       It’s just that I do know what to expect from it and it is going to be brilliant and it is just so meaningful to me on so many ways.  San Francisco in its day, the Castro where I worked at a bar named for Harvey Milk, Harvey Milk is assassinated, civil rights, today’s prop 8 hoopla, how far have we come?, Gus Van Sant, Sean Penn, the strengths of the gay community, the weakness of humankind, and the clothes they wore in 1975!   I can. not. wait. for. this. film.!   And then I probably get to see it again in SF next week.

YES THATS RIGHT EVERYONE, I’m again trekking to the Burbank Airport to get on a plane to anywhere.  Like I’ve said, “Los Angeles is just the perfect place to leave”.   Tomorrow to Portland.  YAY for my first “Holiday” with friends as my family.  No offense to the blood ones.  But I get to share the silliness of Turkey with NO turkey but with great food and old friends and new friends and a new wonderful town.  And its Portland in November, so I get to put on hats and scarves and such.  Brilliant!

A stop in SF and then back to…. whatever this is I’m doing here.

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