YES! obama jobs and kale and things about burning man \ by alexander

YES! to your application to OBAMA’s admin!   I did as well.  Figuring that my being unemployed really is a sign to give it a shot.  I can’t wait to get the job list.  Do you think it includes being a waiter or line cook in the White House?  That’s probably my best bet.  I can’t imagine living in that shit hole of D.C. (sorry, to any of you – but I mean, have you BEEN to California?).  But I could manage.  Being part of history and all, yah know.


I love this response email from them:

Hello Alexander,

Thank you for your interest in joining the Obama-Biden Administration.  Within a few days, you will receive an email with a link to the more complete on-line application.  Please be patient, as we are trying to respond promptly to the large number of people who are interested in working in the Administration.


I can’t think this would have happened ever.  I mean Bush in 00 probably didn’t use the internet or have any supports who did.  



I am so totally obsessed with KALE.  


It is a fabulous fall veggie.  And thriving at Farmer’s Markets around all lands.

It is so wonderful for you, full of K an C and super anti-oxidant (the power of green!) as well as LOADED with calcium!  (Do people know that calcium is in many vegetables and not just from hormone laced milk?)

It is great in soups and holds up well to stir fries because it doesn’t shrink very much.  AND even delicious in a smoothy.  Start your morning blending soy or almond milk, flax, blueberries, and a a hit of kale.  I kid you not!  




It started with a comment, but I now feel worthy of mentioning it to you all.  In the video on your last post from ELECTION NIGHT IN BROOKLYN, I can’t help to see/feel/think BURNING MAN energy.  That instantaneous, fill-the-streets, jump-up-and-down thing is so more energetic than the planned night out to a club.  There is a magic that people bring to that kind of happiness.  I missed out on the Springtime in CA’s gay marriage act that had the city of SF in the street at 5 in the afternoon.  EXCITEMENT galore, magic and smiles and love filled the streets.  (I was naked on a beach, in Mexico though.)   Too bad, Californian’s are now mourning PROP 8 and there are candlelit vigil’s and a lot of anger and protests at Mormon churches.  

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